I can’t remember where I first heard about Mokulito but it was a while back and immediately the process fascinated me. Mokulito is pretty much the same as stone lithography but instead of the stone you use wood! The wood gives you a beautiful texture and allows you to do things a bit differently, like adding woodcuts to your plate.

When researching it I instantly came across Ewa Budka, a polish artist who has been researching and specialising in Mokulito for some years. Her video gives you a very good idea of how the process is different for wood and is almost a step by step guide, perfect for someone who has never seen it done before, thank you Ewa!!

I got some 3mm plywood to test on. Started by sanding it with fine sandpaper and then drew my image with crayons, liquid ink and water tusche.


Once the drawing was dry I dusted it with french chalk and gummed it up. I left it over the weekend before printing.

When printing I used a sponge roller and very runny litho ink. I mixed some Black cartridge ink with plenty of plate oil and a bit of vaseline. This seemed to work well as the sponge soaked it up but it was still quite tacky.


It was quite messy, which I’m guessing is a part of it but with practice I’m sure I’ll be able to keep it a bit neater. I used a small etching press and printed seven copies. The first one I did on newsprint as I thought like with stone it would come out quite light but surprisingly it didn’t seem to need any proofing and came out as a very strong print right of the bat.

From right to left, first to last
1st print on newsprint
2nd print on Hahnemühle from dry plate
3rd print on Hahnemühle from wet plate

I did a few experiments with printing with the plate wet or dry, paper damp or dry, different weight and textured paper and although these pictures might not really show it the best result was printed of dry plate with damp Hahnemühle paper.

The seventh print was getting a bit blah, it was just sort of grayish and had lost most of its contrast so that is where I stopped but I am so pleased with these results and just how easy it was, and now I don’t have any graining to do!



2 thoughts on “Mokulito”

  1. Hi, Just found this post. I noticed in a supply list I saw elsewhere they listed casein powder and ammonia among the needed supplies. Any idea why? Ewa never mentions these.


  2. I would like to know the answer to this too CA Fitzgerald. Did you ever find out what the answer is? If so, could you please share it with me? Many thanks.


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